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  • Date 9:30AM Wednesday 12th June 2013
  • Location Wellington
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Updated July 22, 2021 at 4:53 PM


1. Remit for product stewardship of electronic waste

2. Updated Councillor attendance at the 2013 Local Government New Zealand national conference and Annual General Meeting

Strategy/Policy/Major Issues

1. Finalisation of the Annual Plan 2013/14

2. Report of the Annual Plan 2013/14 Hearing Committee

3. Wellington Region Local Government Reform Draft application

4. Ruamahunga Whaitua committee establishment process.

5. Regional Plan development process: From workshops to draft and proposed

Public Business

1. Confirmation of the Annual Plan 2013/14 Hearing Committee minutes of 28 May 2013

2. Confirmation of the Council minutes of 9 May 2013

3. Public participation

4. Declarations of conflict of interest

5. Apologies

Public Excluded Business

1. Disposal of Property Tinui

2. Lower Waitohu Stream Project: Land Entry Agreements

3. Appointment to the Farming Reference Group

4. Confirmation of the public excluded Council minutes of 9 May 2013


1. Report on the Environmental Wellbeing Committee meeting of 21 May 2013

2. Exclusion of the public

3. Report on the Economic Wellbeing Committee meeting of 23 May 2013

4. Report on the Social and Cultural Wellbeing Committee meeting of 22 May 2013

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