Flooding in the Wellington Region poses a risk to both life and property. Many of our urban and rural communities are at risk.

The Flood Protection team manages the risk of flooding and erosion in our region. We do this by using both engineering solutions and environmental maintenance. This can include:

  • Building levees (stopbanks)
  • Placing rock protection
  • Planting vegetation

We also give advice to communities and developers about flood hazard and how to avoid it.

We give flood hazard advice across the Wellington Region, our webviewer can help you check locations that are at risk and the team can provide advice on developing appropriately in…

Flood Protection manages the risk of flooding in a number of ways including giving advice about flood hazard and how to avoid it, managing flood risk to existing development through…

The 2004 flood in the Waiwhetu Stream is a recent reminder of the damage that flooding can cause. This event flooded houses along Riverside Drive, the Hutt Park raceway and the businesses in Gracefield.

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