Flood Protection manages the risk of flooding in a number of ways including giving advice about flood hazard and how to avoid it, managing flood risk to existing development through building stop banks, and river stabilisation works including using rock and planting willows and other erosion stabilising plants.

Data collection - Modelling - Options analysis & prioritisation

  • We carry out topographical survey, LIDAR data capture as well as working with communities and Mana whenua to understand the context and background of any problem.
  • We conduct detailed hydrological and hydraulic modelling to understand the risk. This process supports detailed optioneering, planning controls and design.
  • We follow a risk assessment and analysis described in our Floodplain Management Planning process to identify options, critically assess and prioritise.
  • We work with communities, key partners and Mana Whenua to develop solutions and select options. We select an approach that suits the community we are working with.

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Flood management plans and strategies

Planning and policy advice

  • We provide flood hazard advice to developers, TLAs, WWL and other partner organisations on appropriate development.
  • We support Environmental Policy is ensuring district plans, national policy and other strategies adequately provide for appropriate development

Further building and development information

Engineering & Asset Management

Design & construction

  • We plan, consent, and deliver engineered defences such as stopbanks and have project managers, and engineers in-house to deliver these.

Asset management

We apply a comprehensive asset management system to maintain our engineered assets including inspection and investigation

River management

  • We maintain flood protection schemes and work with landowners to provide erosion protection.
  • We use planting and are investigating ways to integrate more natives into riparian planting margins to manage erosion and run-off.

We manage gravel to ensure capacity is maintained and erosion damage is reduced. We are working with industry to improve practices in channel works

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Emergency management

Working with our colleagues in Environmental Science & WREMO we maintain a regional hydrometric network, provide flood forecasting and warning, and provide a 24/7 flood duty roster.

Before, during and after a flood

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