Cautionary note

The techniques and plans contained in these guides have been prepared and included on the basis of the information accumulated by GWRC and the experience of GWRC staff over many years in undertaking and supervising repair work.

The guidelines and plans have been compiled to deal with common or standard situations. Landowners are cautioned against using the guidelines and plans in circumstances which may not be common or standard and are advised to seek professional assistance if in doubt or where there has been significant erosion.

While GWRC has endeavoured to ensure the guidelines and plans are a fair statement of the best practice derived from experience, it cannot assume responsibility to any third party for the reliability, accuracy or completeness of the information or plans contained in this Guide or of the applicability of either to any particular circumstances.

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Fish passage

Our waterways need to be carefully managed so native fish can access the habitats they need. These fish move within rivers and streams and to and from the sea to complete their lifecycles. For more information on designing new structures or modifying existing, visit the Department of Conservation’s website.

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