Proposed Change 1 to the Regional Policy Statement is now at the stage of Hearings, where submitters have the opportunity to speak to a Hearing Panel about their submission.

There are seven Hearing Streams, each stream covers a specific topic. Hearings started in June 2023 and finished in April 2024.

Guide to the allocation of Provisions to Hearing Streams and Topics by Provision Type - Updated 1 August 2023 (PDF 295 KB)  - Use this guide to search provisions by “Provision Type” to identify which Hearing Stream, Topic and s42A Report the provision is addressed under.

Hearings Panels

We have two Hearing Panels appointed for these Hearings:  

  •  The Part 1, Schedule 1 (P1S1) Hearings Panel, appointed by the Council, who will hear and make recommendations on submissions in relation to the Part 1, Schedule 1 provisions of RPS Change 1. The Panel Members are:
    • Dhilum Nightingale (Chair)   
    • Gillian Wratt 
    • Ina Kumeroa Kara-France   
    • Glenice Paine
  • The Freshwater Hearings Panel (FHP) panel, appointed by the Chief Freshwater Commissioner to hear submissions on the Freshwater Planning Instrument component of RPS Change 1.  The Panel Members are:
    • Dhilum Nightingale (Chair) and Freshwater Commissioner  
    • Gillian Wratt - Freshwater Commissioner  
    • Ina Kumeroa Kara-France - Panel member (Council nominee)  
    • Glenice Paine - Panel member (Tangata whenua nominee) 

Panel Member Profiles


Hearing Panel Directions

The Hearing Panels have released Minutes prior to the Hearing to advise of directions, procedures, dates and evidence deadlines.

It is essential that all parties attending the Hearing have read and understood all of the Hearing Panel Minutes.

Further directions will be issued by the Hearing Panel prior to, during and post Hearings

Hearing Panel Minutes

Hearing Conflict of interest

GWRC Memorandums

Hearing Streams

There are seven Hearing Streams. Each stream covers a specific topic. Hearings were held from June 2023 to April 2024.

Further Assistance  

For any questions about Proposed Change 1 Regional Policy Statement hearings that is not covered by our website content, please contact our team at

If you have any questions regarding how to present a submission at a hearing, please email our independent Friend of the Submitter at .

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