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  • Date 9:30AM Thursday 26th May 2016
  • Location Wellington
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Updated July 22, 2021 at 5:03 PM

Public Excluded Business

1. Property purchase - Lower Hutt

2. Re-appointment to Wellington Regional Stadium Trust

3. Appointment to Te Kauru Upper Ruamahanga River Floodplain Management Plan Subcommittee

Public Business

1. Appointment to committee

2. Report to Council on the Te Upoko Taiao - Natural Resource Management meeting, 12 May 2016

3. Apologies

4. Hutt River City Centre Upgrade Project - Property Strategy

5. Report on the Sustainable Transport Committee meeting, 11 May 2016

6. Greater Wellington Regional Council's Communication Policy for the 2016 pre-election period

7. Report on the Environment Committee meeting, 10 May 2016

8. Confirmation of the minutes of 11 May 2016

9. Update of Debt Issuance documents including compliance with the Financial Markets Conduct Act 2013

10. Public participation

11. Organisational Performance Report for the third quarter

12. Declarations of conflict of interest

13. Policy on elected members' allowance and expenses

14. Exclusion of the public

15. Declaration by Councillor Daran Mark Ponter

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