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  • Date 14:00PM Thursday 30th September 2004
  • Tags Committee meetings
  • Location Wellington

Civil Defence Emergency Management Group

Updated July 22, 2021 at 4:15 PM

Matters for Consideration

1. Next Meeting of the CDEM Group – 25 November 2004

2. CDEM Group work programme progress

3. Questions

4. Emergency Water Supply – Presentation by John Morrison, Greater Wellington

5. Representative on National Plan Working Group

6. Emergency Planning Guide

7. Appointment of persons who may declare a state of local emergency for the CDEM Group

8. General

9. CDEM Group Plan Progress: Draft Operational and Administrative Parts

Procedural Items

1. Confirmation of Minutes of Meeting held on 22 April 2004

2. Public Participation

3. Apologies

Public Business

End of record