Flooding impacts more people, more often than any other natural hazard in Greater Wellington Region. This is likely to increase in the future due to climate change, so understanding flood risk is more important than ever. One of the ways to do this is by working with communities to understand flood risk so we can help minimise the effects on people, business, and critical infrastructure. 

Flooding in Featherston 

Greater Wellington, Wellington Water, and South Wairarapa District Council are working to understand the flood risk to Featherston. 

We need your help to understand the flooding from Donald’s and Abbots Creek.  

Your knowledge and experience with past flooding is important to help us understand where flooding might occur in the future. We would love for you to share any photos or stories you might have from previous flooding events near Donald’s and/or Abbots Creek.  
Please email them through to us with as much information as you can such as date, time, location, at

Flooding from Abbots Creek Oct 2022
Flooding from Abbots Creek Oct 2022
Flooding from Donald’s Creek Oct 2022
Flooding from Donald’s Creek Oct 2022
Updated June 1, 2023 at 3:07 PM

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