Managing pest animals and plants is essential to help prevent their spread and damage to our region.

Head to our Pest Hub for detailed information about pest species in our region, both plants and animals.

Operational Plans

Each year we develop operational plans which detail our pest control for the coming year.

See the Regional Pest Management Operational Plan 2020/21

See the Operational Plan Report 2019/20

Other organisations' pest control

As well as our operations, Department of ConservationOSPRIlocal councils, landowners and the community are all involved in pest control.

This can make it quite confusing to figure out what precautions you need to take in your local park before you visit, so we recommend always checking any signage that might be erected a park entrances. This will let you know what is happening in that location, who is leading the work, and how to stay safe with your family and your pets.

Keeping your dog safe in our region

Because the risk of dogs ingesting poisons can be higher in some situations, we have put together some guidelines and resources you can use to keep your dog safe in our region’s parks and reserves.

We strongly recommend all dog owners read this information on keeping their dogs safe in all parks, not just those that we manage.

Looking after your dog in our region.

Updated November 10, 2021 at 4:35 PM

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