Biosecurity is how we protect our regions environment, communities and industries from harmful species of plant and animal.

In New Zealand, many of our native species and ecosystems are at risk and damaged by invasive species.

Pest management in our region

Constant work is needed by organisations, community groups, and individuals to ensure that we are protecting our region from harmful plants and animals.

We have teams of Biosecurity Officers focused on controlling pests in the region’s parks and Key Native Ecosystems. We also work with people to control pests on their properties, in rural and urban areas. The programmes for control of specific pest plants and animals are outlined in the Regional Pest Management Plan.

It’s a team effort

Farmers and rural landowners are helping by managing pest animal control on their land, helping to control harmful pest plants, and ensuring they are following good on-farm biosecurity practises to stop the spread of unwanted pests. 

We partner with the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI), local councils and communities to undertake direct control of targeted pest plants in specific areas, while others need to be managed by people on their own properties.

One of our greatest successes in Wellington has been our role as a partner in Predator Free Wellington, a project that has inspired thousands of people to create a safe haven in Wellington City for native wildlife.

Our partners

Ministry of Primary Industries –are the leading organisation in New Zealand for managing harmful pests and diseases entering the country, and the control of those that are already here.

Department of Conservation – manage around 30% of New Zealand’s land area. They are responsible for protecting these areas and ecosystems present, including pest and disease management.

New Zealand Biosecurity Institute – works to raise awareness and engagement around biosecurity issues.

Maritime New Zealand – provide input on marine biosecurity issues, particularly around international vessels arriving into New Zealand.

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