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A farmer's guide to Farm Plans in the Wellington Region

Freshwater Farm Plans or Certified Farm Environment Plans are a practical way for farmers and growers to identify, manage and reduce the impact of farming on the freshwater environment.

This page will help Farmers navigate the new rules and requirements for getting a Freshwater Farm Plan (FWFP) or a Certified Farm Environmental Plan (cFEP) approved for your farm.

What’s on this page?

Who needs a cFEP/FWFP?

Why do we need Freshwater Farm Plans or Certifier Farm Environment Plans?

What is the difference between cFEP and FWFPs?

Certified Farm Environment Plans (cFEPs)

If I have a cFEP, will I need a FWFP as they roll out in my catchment?

Freshwater Farm Plans (FWFP)

When do I need a Freshwater Farm Plan?

How do I develop a cFEP or FWFP?

Find a cFEP Certifier or a Certified Farm Nutrient Advisor

Handy online tools to help you create your own plan

How we can help?

Want to become a Farm Environment Plan Certifier and Certified Farm Nutrient Advisor?   

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