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Share your interest in becoming a Freshwater Farm Plan Certifier and/or Auditor

This expression of interest is to identify people interested in becoming a Freshwater Farm Plan (FWFP) certifier and/or auditor for the Greater Wellington Region. This does not mean you have to become a certifier and/or auditor, it is to gauge interest and ensure our planning and resources are appropriate when it comes time to roll out FWFP’s in our region.

To work as a FWFP certifier and/or auditor in our region, as well as completing the national training, you'll need to complete regional training to build and demonstrate your understanding of the key issues in our region. Further information will be available soon. 

For information on the national training, please visit the farm plan certifiers website

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Regarding training, is there interest in ongoing training, I.e., quarterly, as ongoing professional development?

When a rollout date for our region has been confirmed, would you be interested in attending an information session to explain how certifiers and auditor training will be undertaken in the Greater Wellington region?

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