The safe and successful management of waste is crucial for our ability to live in a sustainable way. In the Wellington Region, we share the responsibility of managing waste with local councils.

The Waste Minimisation Act (2008) is implemented by councils through the Wellington Region Waste Management and Minimisation Plan 2017-20-23

Managing general waste

Local councils collect and dispose of solid waste, operating landfills throughout the region and promoting waste reduction and recycling. Contact your local council for more information on these services and on ways to reduce your waste or recycle it.

We have set up a policy and regulatory framework that all waste disposers need to follow for environmentally sound disposal of waste.

Managing farm waste

Identifying and implementing Good Management Practices (GMPs) is a key part of Farm Environment Planning in the Wellington Region. Minimising and managing waste on-farm can benefit the environment by:

  • Reducing air, water and land pollution
  • Reducing energy consumption
  • Extending landfill capacity
  • Reducing costs from over-spending on products & improved processes

Talk to your Land Management Advisor about financial assistance for re-siting farm dumps/offal pits.

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