Archive: July, 2019

Planting pays homage to "Aunty June"

  • Published Date 31 Jul 2019

June Te Raumange Jackson, known to many as "Aunty June", passed away on July 26 and was remembered at a planting day on Sunday at East Harbour Regional Park's Parangarahu…

Skilling up in cycle safety

  • Published Date 25 Jul 2019

This year 73 schools across the Wellington Region jumped on board with Pedal Ready, providing children with the skills to cycle safely.

Ombudsman praises culture of openness at Greater Wellington

  • Published Date 23 Jul 2019

A report by the Office of the Ombudsman has praised Greater Wellington Regional Council's "strong culture of openness" in proactively releasing official information, which is further reflected in its focus…

Councils share joint approach to bus priority with Committee

  • Published Date 23 Jul 2019

At an update to the Transport and Infrastructure Select Committee today, Greater Wellington Regional Council and Wellington City Council presented their joint plan of action for further bus priority through…

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