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  • Date 9:30AM Thursday 23rd November 2000
  • Tags Committee meetings
  • Location Wellington

Regional Land Transport

Updated July 22, 2021 at 3:56 PM

Matters for Information

1. Land Transport Safety Authority Wellington Region Road Safety Report

2. Notice of Motion - Councillor Gibson

3. Transfund New Zealand Report

4. Regional Land Transport Subcommittee - 13 September 2000

5. Transit New Zealand Wellington Regional Office Report

6. The Wishbone Study

7. Hutt Corridor Plan

8. Telework Investigation - Known Trials and Case Studies

9. Wairarapa Corridor Study

10. Implications for the RLTS from Tranz Rail Announcements

11. Financing Options for Transmission Gully - Presentation by Pricewaterhouse Coopers

12. Ms D Kennedy will be making a presentation on the recently released Road Safety Strategy 2010

Matters for Decision

1. 1999/2000 Annual Report on the Wellington Regional Land Transport Strategy

Public Business

1. Confirmation of Minutes of meeting on 31 August 2000

2. Public Participation

3. Apologies
Mr H Royds and Ms P Warren

4. Procedural Items

End of record