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  • Date 9:30AM Thursday 6th October 2005
  • Location Wellington
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Regional Land Transport

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Public Business

Procedural Items

1. Apologies

2. Public Participation

3. Confirmation of Minutes of 29 August 2005

4. Report of the Extraordinary Meeting of the Western Corridor Plan Hearing Subcommittee

Matters for Decision

1. Western Corridor Plan Hearing Subcommittee (Councillor Wilde will take the Chair for this item)

2. Regional Funding Priorities for 2006/07 NLTP

Matters for Information

1. Wellington Regional Freight Management Study with Presentation by Warwick Walbran

2. 2004/05 Annual Report on the Regional Land Transport Strategy

3. Access Planning Manager's Report - Work in Progress

4. Metlink Pre-launch Update Presentation by Karen Richardson

Other Matters

1. Questions

2. General

End of record