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  • Date 9:30AM Tuesday 8th May 2007
  • Location Wellington
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Policy, Finance and Strategy Committee

Updated July 22, 2021 at 4:25 PM

Public Business

Procedural Items

1. Apologies

2. Public Participation

Matters for Decision

1. Assignment of Wairarapa SW Carriages Supply Agreement to Greater Wellington Rail Limited

2. Proposed amendments to the constitutions of Greater Wellington Infrastructure Limited, Greater Wellington Rail Limited and Greater Wellington Transport Limited

3. Wellington Regional Stadium Trust - Draft 2007/08 Business Plan and Draft Statement of Trustees¿ Intent (STI)

4. Disposal of interest in land that is surplus to Council requirements at Paekakariki

6. Beacon Hill Communication Station upgrade

7. Appointment of a Subcommittee of the Environment Committee to Review the Resource Management Charging Policy

8. Proposed Plan Change 3 to the Regional Freshwater Plan - allocation provisions

9. Local Governance Statement

Matters for Information

1. Local Government Commission Determination

2. Annual Reports and Summaries in an Election Year

3. Exclusion of the Public (To Come)

Public Excluded Business

Matter for Decision

1. Trolley Bus Operating Contract with Wellington City Transport Limited (to come)

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