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  • Date 9:30AM Thursday 9th June 2005
  • Location Wellington
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Policy, Finance and Strategy Committee

Updated July 22, 2021 at 4:18 PM

Public Excluded Business

1. Trolley Bus Contract

2. Waitangirua Farm - Update of Progress Made

3. Appointment of External Directors - WRC Holdings

Matters for Consideration

1. Transport Reserves

2. Finalisation of the 2005/06 Annual Plan and Amendment to the 2003/13 LTCCP

3. Provision of Standby Power to the Regional Council Centre

4. Exclusion of the Public

6. Financial Report for the Ten Months ended 30 April 2005

7. Targeted Scheme Rates and Balances

Report of Committee

1. Report of Planning and Monitoring Subcommittee - 17 May 2005

Procedural Items

1. Apologies: Councillor Greig and Councillor Laidlaw

2. Public Participation

Public Business

End of record