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  • Date 9:30AM Tuesday 22nd February 2005
  • Location Wellington
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Environment Committee

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Other Matters

1. General

2. Questions

Public Business

Matters for Information

1. Wellington's Hazards and what we may need to prepare for - Terry Webb

2. Regional Council Input to Strategy Planning

3. How Global Warming may affect the Wellington Region's Environment - Tim Naish

4. Decisions on Non-notified Resource Consents Applications

5. Presentations by Geological and Nuclear Sciences (GNS)

6. Riparian Management Implementation

7. Public Discussion Paper on the Management of New Zealand's Freshwater Resources

8. January 2005 Flood Hydrology and Meteorology

9. Implications of the National Environmental Standards for Air Quality Management

10. Investigating the Sustainable Use of Shallow Groundwater on the Kapiti Coast

11. Groundwater and the Environment - Tamara Tait

12. Pollution Control Report for the Period 6 November 2004 to 14 January 2005

Matters for Decision

1. Unwanted Agricultural Chemicals

2. Porirua Marine Sediment Quality Investigation

3. Transit New Zealand - Objection to Consent Conditions

4. Divisional Manager's report

Environmental Matters

Civil Defence Matters

1. There are no Civil Defence matters for consideration

Harbour Matters

1. There are no Harbour matters for consideration

Procedural Items

1. Confirmation of Minutes of 2 December 2004

2. Public Participation

3. Apologies

End of record