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  • Date 9:30AM Thursday 22nd June 2000
  • Location Wellington
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Environment Committee

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Procedural Items

1. Confirmation of minutes of meeting held on 18 May 2000

2. Public Participation

3. Apologies Councillor Laidlaw

Other Matters

1. Questions

2. General

Environmental Matters

2. Incident Response Report

3. Matters for Recommendation

4. Conference 2000 Christchurch "Welcome to the Future" - 17-20 May 2000 - Report from Councillor Allen

5. 1999-00 Regional Plan Implementation Programme

6. Matters for Information

7. Consultation Requirements in the Resource Management Act 1991

8. Learnwell Implementation Plan

9. The First Five Years: A Report on the Performance of the Regional Policy Statement in its first Five Years

10. Natural Hazards Risk Associated with Petroleum Storage, Wellington

11. Targeted Investigation of Ecosystem Health within the Waitohu Stream

12. Water Permits and a Land Use Consent in Association with the Renewal of an Abstraction from the Wainui Stream (Smiths Creek) for Paekakariki Public Water Supply

13. Decisions on Non-notified Consent Applications

14. Munition Site Histories

15. Matters for Decision

16. Regional Council Input to District Planning

17. Contaminated Site Investigation Programme

18. Regional Policy Statement Implementation 1999/2000

Civil Defence Matters

1. Report on the Amendment of the Masterton District Civic Defence Plan

2. Kapiti Coast District Council Civic Defence Plan

3. Matters for Decision

4. Report on Emergency Management Training

5. Matters for Information

Harbour Matters

1. There are no Harbour matters for consideration

End of record