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  • Date 9:30AM Wednesday 22nd February 2017
  • Location Porirua City Council
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Updated July 22, 2021 at 5:05 PM

Public Business

1. Apologies

2. Declarations of conflict of interest

3. Public participation

4. Confirmation of the Public minutes of the meeting on 8 December 2016 and the Public Excluded minutes of the meeting on 8 December 2016

5. CentrePort recovery post Kaikoura Earthquake

6. Wellington Region Natural Hazards Management Strategy

7. Water quality at Macaskill Lakes

8. Revised Programme of implementation for the National Policy Statement for Freshwater Management

9. Triennial Agreement

10. Sensitive Expenditure (Elected Members) Policy

11. Report on the Regional Transport Committee meeting, 13 December 2016

12. Report on the Wellington Regional Strategy Committee meeting of 13 December 2016

13. Exclusion of the public

Public Excluded Business

1. WREDA Board reappointment

End of record