To protect our unique environment we use a range of methods.

When planning pest control operations, we consider the methods that will achieve best control outcomes with the budget available, while taking into account animal welfare issues for both the target and non-target animals.


Using traps is an effective and manageable method for control of pest animals to protect our environment. You can trap on your own property or get involved in a local predator free group.

Find out about traps we recommend and handy tips.


Brodifacoum – for possum and rat control

Pindone – for possum and rat control

Diphacinone – for rodent control

Feratox – for possum control

Cholecalciferol – for possum and rat control

Double tap – for possum and rat control

Sodium fluoroacetate (1080) – for possum and rat control

Keeping safe

To find out where our pest control operations are and how to stay safe, head to our pest control operations page.

We also have a range of guidelines and resources you can use to keep your dog safe in our region’s parks and reserves.

How you can help

With so many pest animals out there, we all need to be involved in their control.

Not sure which pest you’ve got?

You can use chew cards to find out if there are rats, mice, stoats, possums or hedgehogs. The cards are filled with a non-toxic substance that these pests like. You can identify the pest by the bite marks on the card.

Buy chew cards from Predator Free New Zealand or Good Nature.


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