Train users share face-to-face feedback with rail operators

  • Published Date 25 Nov 2019

Metlink has collected and reviewed customer feedback from Wellington train users thanks to a recent Meet our Managers event held at Wellington Train Station.

Public transport users got the opportunity to meet the faces behind train operations, ask questions, and provide feedback on the region's rail network.

Metlink, Transdev and KiwiRail managers and Greater Wellington Regional Council representatives were on hand at Wellington Station as part of an on-going commitment to listening to the public.

Greater Wellington General Manager for Public Transport Greg Pollock says events like this provide a great opportunity to receive feedback directly from the customers who use the train lines every day.

"A wide range of feedback was received during the event. Many passengers were wanting improvements around information during disruptions at Wellington station.

"Early 2020 we will see big improvements with a new public address system being installed as well as the passenger information boards being updated and a jumbo departure screen being installed in the middle of Wellington Railway Station," Mr Pollock says.

Other feedback included capacity, the desire for more Wairarapa services and an improvement to the size of shelters at outer stations.

"A concern for passengers particularly on the Hutt, Kapiti and Wairarapa Lines is capacity. It is fantastic to see more people using public transport but we need to tailor services to fit with our growing demand."

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