Temporary peak bus changes to provide customer certainty during Tranzurban driver shortage

  • Published Date 12 Aug 2019

Metlink has released details on a range of temporary peak bus changes as part of measures to provide customers with certainty over the next six months, while Tranzurban addresses its driver shortage.

Starting August 25, 10 routes will see some trips suspended in the morning and afternoon peak with customers given advanced warning through the Metlink website and app detailing the trips affected, alternate travel times and alternate services where available.

Barbara Donaldson, Chair of Greater Wellington's Sustainable Transport Committee, says the temporary suspensions will enable Tranzurban to deliver the best possible service to customers with the drivers they currently have.

"The past few weeks have been an uncertain time for customers across the network not being sure if their trip will happen or not. This was not acceptable so we have worked with Tranzurban to identify routes across the city that could be temporarily suspended or replaced with the least amount of impact on customers," Cr Donaldson says.

Metlink expects that customers travelling at alternate times and on alternate services during the morning and afternoon peak will result in fuller buses with customers having to stand more.

"We know this will impact on the level of comfort for customers, however we aim to mitigate the impact to our customers by ensuring the subsequent services are not cancelled and that the buses being utilised have sufficient carrying capacity.

"This inconvenience to some customers will bring increased certainty to the 18,000 peak bus users travelling on Tranzurban services across the Wellington region," Cr Donaldson says.

While the temporary suspensions will provide increased certainty, Greater Wellington is also working with Tranzurban to increase its driver numbers, ensuring network performance is up to the standard customers expect.

Metlink advises customers to check the website and app before they travel and plan their journey.

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