Section of Waikanae River track closed following erosion

  • Published Date 04 Sep 2019

Part of the walking track along the Waikanae River bank opposite Jim Cooke Park has been closed following erosion by the river, which has compromised the safe use of the track.

An alternative path has been gravelled for users and will remain in use.

While the condition of the riverbanks is routinely monitored and managed by Greater Wellington, erosion has accelerated in the area in recent weeks, leading to the decision to close a section of the track.

The track and adjacent plantings are within an area that has been identified as the "river corridor". They are vulnerable to erosion, therefore Greater Wellington is working on both short and longer-term alternative locations for a track. 

Greater Wellington is urging people to keep away from the closed section, which is unstable and potentially dangerous, particularly in a flood event.

Signs have been placed at the site advising of the track closure and the alternative route.

Updated April 27, 2022 at 3:58 PM

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