Proud to support Predator Free Wellington's launch

  • Published Date 08 Jul 2019

Greater Wellington Regional Council Chair Chris Laidlaw says today's launch of stage one of Predator Free Wellington's project is an important step towards improving biodiversity in our region.

 "We're so proud to have supported, and been involved in, what will be an amazing achievement on the Miramar Peninsula, a true world-first.

"We've supplied our expertise of more than twenty years designing and managing biosecurity projects across the region to support Predator Free Wellington since the very beginning."

Cr Laidlaw says the goals of Predator Free Wellington very much align with those of Greater Wellington "to improve native biodiversity in the region, and "bring back our dawn chorus for everyone".

"From our perspective it has taken three years, many planning documents, countless site visits and a lot of hard work to get to this stage. The communities on the Miramar Peninsula should be praised and recognised for their astounding efforts," Cr Laidlaw says. 

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