Dutch Ambassador trades four wheels for two by cycling to work each day

  • Published Date 12 Dec 2019

The Dutch Ambassador to New Zealand Mira Woldberg is walking the sustainable talk by swapping her embassy car for an e-bike and cycling to work from Wadestown each day.

Ambassador Woldberg announced the decision at the recent month-long Greater Wellington Regional Council bike festival.

"The Netherlands Embassy in Wellington is on a ‘mission sustainable’, which means that we have introduced recycling bins like a battery bin and compost bin.

"In the messages that we bring to New Zealand we always talk about the importance of addressing climate change.

"Then I always drove this big BMW - a very old fashioned [form] of transport and I thought this doesn't really fit the message that we preach."

Ambassador Woldberg, who comes from a country where even princesses pedal to school, says it is important to lead the way, and that includes being a good influence on Embassy staff members.

"We have two bikes here at the embassy, we started in fact last year with a very nice wooden one, very special - and we have a regular red one. Staff can use [them] to go to meetings that they have and if they want to take it to their house that is also not an issue.

"So that is a way that we try to promote cycling as a means of transport, in the Embassy."

Ambassador Woldberg says she would encourage other people to try cycle to work, even if it is just one or two days a week.

Greater Wellington Regional Transport Committee Chair Adrienne Staples says when it comes to addressing climate change and traffic congestion the Ambassador is leading by example which is important for our region.  

"If more of us make an effort and follow the lead of people like Ambassador Woldberg, by trying to use sustainable forms of transport more often, then the combined effect can really help mitigate the environmental impacts of climate change."

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