Daran Ponter elected as Greater Wellington Chair and Adrienne Staples as Deputy Chair

  • Published Date 30 Oct 2019

Greater Wellington Regional Council elected its new chair and deputy chair today as the newly formed council met for the first time in its triennium following local elections.

Cr Daran Ponter was voted chair and Cr Adrienne Staples as deputy. Both were elected unopposed. 

In his inauguration speech Cr Ponter said he looked forward to tackling the immediate issues facing the region.

"As a regional council we are the environment protection authority, the river control authority, the park ranger, the pest management board, the harbour master, the owners of the Port of Wellington and the public transport agency".

"For all these things, our single greatest challenge is climate change and this means working closely with iwi, communities, business, government and local councils on joint solutions."

Cr Ponter also acknowledged the council's current commitments.

"One of the first tasks for this new council is to asses the council's overall priorities, potentially refocusing in some areas and identifying ways in which we can economise".

For a full list of Greater Wellington's Councillors head to https://www.gw.govt.nz/council-and-councillors/

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