Airport Flyer to be removed from Metlink tracking services after payment decision by operator

  • Published Date 14 Feb 2019

From Sunday 24 February the Airport Flyer will stop accepting Snapper as a payment method and will no longer be tracked by Metlink's real time information services.

Although the Airport Flyer is not a Metlink service it had been using Snapper which meant Metlink were able to provide tracking information on behalf of the operator NZ Bus.

NZ Bus has now made a commercial decision to remove Snapper as a payment method from the service also known as route 91.  Without the Snapper technology on board Metlink will no longer be able to track the Airport Flyer on RTI boards at bus stops, the Metlink Commuter app or the Journey Planner on the Metlink website.

NZ Bus advise that the Airport Flyer will now only accept eftpos (card) payments and cash fares. Passengers wishing to use the Airport Flyer commercial service are advised to check out the Airport Flyer website for timetable and further information:

Updated April 28, 2022 at 10:33 AM

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