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  • Date 10:00AM Tuesday 17th March 2009
  • Location Wellington
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Wellington Regional Strategy Committee

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Public Business

1. Apologies

2. Conflict of Interest declarations

3. Public participation

4. Confirmation of Minutes of 10 December 2008

5. Proposed Te Araroa Walkway from Levin to Wellington

6. Grow Wellington Half Yearly Report 2008/09

7. Grow Wellington Draft Statement of Intent 2009/2010

8. Wellington Region Genuine Progress Index Monitoring Framework

9. Wellington Regional Open Spaces Project

10. Update on the Wellington Regional Labour Market Strategy

11. Refugee and Migrant Recruitment and Self-Employment Project

12. WRS Office Update

13. Exclusion of the Public

Public Excluded Business

1. Appointment to the Board of Grow Wellington

End of record