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  • Date 9:30AM Tuesday 31st July 2001
  • Location Masterton
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Rural Services Wairarapa Committee

Updated July 22, 2021 at 3:57 PM


1. A representative from the Farm Environment Award Trust in Waikato will make a presentation on their proposal to expand the Waikato model throughout the Regions. They are proposing that there be a Wellington regional competition with the winner going on to a national final.

Procedural Items

1. Apologies

2. Regional Pest Management Review Sub-committee meetings held on 15 and 18 June, and 13 July 2001, Report 01432.

3. Public and public excluded minutes of the meeting of the Rural Services and Wairarapa Committee held on 21 June 2001, Report 01.461 and Report PE 01.462; the public excluded part to remain in public excluded.

4. Confirmation of minutes of the

5. Public Participation

Public Business

Matters Reported for Information

1. Hornwort Control Trial

2. Notified Resource Consent Applications Granted in Past Financial Year

3. Bovine Tb Vector Control - A Review of 2000/01 Operations

4. Annual Groundwater Hydrology Report 2000

5. Acting Divisional Manager's Report

6. Annual Groundwater Hydrology Report 2000

7. General

8. Annual Hydrology Report 2000

9. Questions

10. Regional Council Input Into District Planning

11. River and Catchment Works

12. End of Year Summary - Policy & Planning Section

13. Resource Consents (Non-notified)

Matters for Committee Decision

1. Review of Commissioner Appointments

Matters for Recommendation to Council

1. Changes to Management of Gravel Extraction in Wairarapa

2. Regional Pest Management Strategy Review - Sub-committee/Hearings Committee Report

End of record