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  • Date 9:30AM Tuesday 29th May 2001
  • Location Wellington
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Policy and Finance Committee

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Public Business

Matters for Consideration

1. Wellingotn Regional Council Submission on the "Draft National Energy Efficiency and Conservation Strategy"

2. Workshops

3. Assisting Iwi to Assist the Council

4. Audited 2001 Valuation Equalisation

5. Environmental Education: Progress Update

6. Financial Report for the Nine Months ended 31 March 2001

7. Controller and Auditor-General's Report on Governance

8. Passenger Rail

9. Wellington Lambton Interchange

10. District Health Board Electoral Boundaries

Reports of Committee

1. General Manager Selection Subcommittee 24 April 2001

2. Utility Services - 17 May 2001

3. Rural Services and Wairarapa - 8 May 2001

4. Public Excluded Part (As a consequence of public advertising and media statements, the Chairman has decided that these Public Excluded Minutes should be dealt with in public business)

5. Public Part

Procedural Items

1. Apologies Councillor McQueen

End of record