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  • Date 9:30AM Tuesday 30th May 2006
  • Location Wellington
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Environment Committee

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Public Business

Procedural Items

1. Apologies: Councillor Turver

2. Public Participation

3. Confirmation of Minutes of 12 April 2006

Harbour Matters

Matter for Information

1. Update on the Progress of the Beacon Hill Communication Station Refurbishment and Upgrade Programme

Civil Defence Matters

1. There are no Civil Defence matters for consideration

Environmental Matters

Matter for Recommendation

1. Ara Tahi Representation on the Environment Committee

Matters for Information

2. Regional Plan for Discharges to Land Evaluation

3. Wellington Regional Environment Agency Update

4. Antifouling Co-biocides in Wellington's Coastal Waters

5. Recreational Water Quality Report 2005/2006

6. Majestic Centre Recycling and Composting Trial

7. Decisions on Non-notified Resource Consent Applications

8. Pollution Control Report for the Period 10 March to 28 April 2006

Other Matters

1. Questions

2. General

End of record