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  • Date 9:30AM Thursday 22nd February 2001
  • Location Wellington
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Environment Committee

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Civil Defence Matters

1. Matters for Decision

2. Marketing of Emergency Management and Hazards Information

3. Six-Monthly Activity Report

4. Environment Division Involvement in Rural Fire Management 15-20 January 2001

5. Matters for Information

6. Submission on the Civil Defence Emergency Management Bill 2000

Harbour Matters

1. There are no Harbour matters for consideration

Matters for Recommendation to Policy and Finance Committee

1. Environment Division: Proposed Operating Plans 2001-2010

2. Report of Chief Financial Officer

3. Report of Council Chairperson

4. Long Term Financial Strategy 2001-2010: Update and Supporting Operating Plans

Procedural Items

1. Confirmation of Minutes of 30 November 2000

2. Public Participation

3. Apologies

Public Business

Environmental Matters

1. Review of Resource Consent under section 127 of the Resource Management Act 1991: Moa Point Wastewater Treatment Plan, Wellington City Council

2. Matters for Decision

3. Pauatahanui Inlet Project Update

4. Decisions of Non-notified Resource Consent Applications

5. Review of Resource Management Charging Policy

6. Implementation of the Ecosystems and Biodiversity Programme

7. Incident Response Report

8. Matter for Recommendation

9. General

10. Divisional Manager’s Report

11. Dust Deposition on the Kapiti Coast

12. Questions

13. Matters for Information

14. Sources of Air Particulate Pollution in the Wellington Region

15. Other Matters

16. Regional Council Submission on the Role of Local Government in Meeting New Zealand's Climate Change Target

17. Annual Freshwater Quality Report 1999/2000

18. Regional Council Input to District Planning

19. Submission on Towards a National Waste Minimisation Strategy

20. Care Groups for 2001

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