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  • Date 2:00PM Friday 4th May 2007
  • Location Wellington
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Civil Defence Emergency Management Group

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Public Business

Procedural Items

1. Apologies

2. Public Participation

3. Confirmation of Minutes of 2 November 2006

Matters for Information

1. Exercise Capital Quake `06

2. Exercise Cruickshank

3. CDEM Conference 2007

4. CDEM Group work programme progress report

5. Update on CDEM Group public education initiatives

6. `Exercise Back Blast'

7. Emergency Operations Centre Volunteer Training

Matters for Decision

1. Representative on Working Group for the Development of a National Public Tsunami Alerting System

2. Priority Utility Sites for Response and Recovery

3. Combined Hutt Valley Civil Defence and Rural Fire

Other Matters

1. `The Way Forward' Ministry of Civil Defence Emergency Management - Mr John Hamilton, Director of the Ministry of CDEM

2. Questions

3. General Business

End of record