Our Whaitua programme is a new way of looking at water management. It puts the decision making and control back in the hands of the community who uses the water.

Whaitua is the Māori word for catchment or space. The Wellington Region is divided into five whaitua, which will eventually each have a Whaitua Committee responsible for them.

This new way of approaching water management recognises the value of Ki Uta Ki Tai, the interconnectedness of nature, and sees the whole path of water, from mountains to sea, as something to be protected.

A Whaitua Committee is made up of mana whenua representatives, local community members, and local authorities and Greater Wellington.

Each committee is responsible for creating a Whaitua Implementation Plan that then becomes a chapter in the proposed Natural Resources Plan. 

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Updated February 2, 2022 at 4:12 PM

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