We use different types of rates to help fund our activities. There are five rates (general, transport, economic development, stadium and river management) that apply to the whole region. Other rates apply to specific areas within the region.

General rate

General rates are set to fund activities that reflect "public good" with a broader, whole of society benefit. They are distinct from targeted rates, which are intended to recover costs of particular activities that benefit particular groups. General rates fund activities such as:

  • Resource management
  • Land management
  • Biodiversity management
  • Pest management
  • Harbour management
  • Visitor services
  • Protecting the environment in regional parks
  • Understanding flood risk
  • Maintaining flood protection and control works and improving flood security
  • Wellington Regional Strategy
  • Emergency management
  • Democratic services
  • Relationship with Māori
  • Regional transport planning and programmes
  • Regional initiatives

Greater Wellington's general rates requirement is reduced by revenue generated from investment and treasury activities. 

General rates are apportioned across the whole region on an equalised capital value basis and then set according to the current rateable capital value of each city or district. Greater Wellington does not charge general rates on a differential basis, nor does it levy a Uniform Annual General Charge.

Regional transport

This rate funds our expenditure for the region's public transport services, transport infrastructure and transport planning activities.

River management

This rate funds local community contributions to river maintenance and flood protection improvements.

Stadium purposes

This rate meets the annual cost of servicing and repaying the loan raised to fund our contribution to the Wellington Regional Stadium Trust.

Wellington Regional Strategy

This rate funds the region's economic development agency Grow Wellington Limited.

Warm Greater Wellington

This rate applies to ratepayers who use Greater Wellington's assistance to get insulation or clean heat installed at their home.

Bovine Tb

These rates are set on a uniform land area basis on properties where rateable land is 4 hectares or more and in areas where there are current vector control programmes.


These rates are set on a uniform land area basis on properties where rateable land is 4 hectares or more.

Wairarapa schemes

These rates are set on specific properties within some thirty river management, catchment and drainage schemes within the Wairarapa Constituency. These schemes fund the local community contributions to river maintenance, flood protection and land management activities within these areas.

Updated September 8, 2021 at 4:54 PM

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