We're working together to make our region safer

  • Published Date 21 Oct 2016

Councils around our region are working together to tackle some of the challenging issues our dynamic natural environment poses. 

Together we've developed a natural hazards roadmap called the draft Natural Hazards Management Strategy. 

We want you to tell us what you think about this Strategy. Consultation is now open until 11 November 2016. 


Recent devastating events in New Zealand and overseas have put a spotlight on our ability to manage the impacts from natural hazards. These hazards include earthquakes, floods and landslips to which our region is prone. 

This Strategy sets out a framework for Councils across our region to cooperate to deliver greater efficiency in hazards research and planning. It will also help with providing greater consistency in the management of natural hazards across our region.

According to the Regional Manager Civil Defence Emergency Management, Bruce Pepperell, it's critical the risks from natural hazards are identified, understood and factored into future development. 

"Working together means our region will be able to manage risks around natural hazards, including helping people be more resilient to events in our region. This will help us to recover more quickly from natural disasters," says Mr Pepperell. 

"This Strategy gives us a regional framework we can use when we are putting together district/city and regional plans", says Mr Pepperell. "It also gives us the tools to work seamlessly across the region when seeking to reduce the impacts of natural hazard events."

Developing this Strategy helps not only our regional resilience but complements the work being undertaken by Wellington City Council as part of its" 100 resilient cities project.

Great Wellington Regional Council is leading the development of the draft Natural Hazards Management Strategy in conjunction with Kāpiti Coast, Porirua, Wellington, Hutt City and Upper Hutt City Councils.



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