Talking flood protection at Masterton A&P

  • Published Date 19 Feb 2016

Members of the Greater Wellington Regional Council Flood Protection Department will be at the Masterton A&P Show tomorrow discussing floodplain management planning (FMP) for the Wairarapa. The Te Kāuru Upper Ruamāhanga FMP covers the 6 major rivers and their tributaries from north of Mount Bruce, along the course of the Ruamāhanga River to its confluence with the Waiohine, a catchment of 1560km2.

"We had some great discussions with people throughout last year and again at the Wairarapa A&P Show at Clareville in November.  Lots of people just wanted to know general information, and were really interested in the rivers natural process and about what flood protection does.  Some people had great knowledge of particular issues which made these discussions very valuable"  says Alistair Allan, Te Kāuru FMP project manager.  "The discussions were informative and educational, adding to an evolving list of community values and concerns included in our work to develop or improve our flood management methods with Te Kāuru Upper Ruamāhanga Sub-committee."

Members of the public will be able to learn more and comment online through GWRC's community engagement tool: 'Have Your Say'.  Go to Have Your Say to learn more about the Te Kāuru Upper Ruamāhanga Floodplain Management Plan and put forward your thoughts.


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