Ruamāhanga Whaitua Committee share their vision for the future: Wairarapa - Where Water Glistens

  • Published Date 05 May 2016

Last week the Ruamāhanga Whaitua Committee (RWC) reached a major milestone on its journey to develop a community-led action plan for the Ruamāhanga River Catchment - a vision for the future: "Wairarapa - where water glistens". The "vision" is an aspiration developed on behalf of the community following extensive discussions with those who have an interest in land and water management in Wairarapa.

"We have talked widely and in depth to narrow down key community concerns about the future of land and water management for the Ruamāhanga River catchment," said Peter Gawith, RWC chair. "This vision is a synthesis of many discussions and will inform decisions we make going forward."

The Ruamāhanga Whaitua Committee vision describes a future where the "community is engaged and proactive in the long term sustainability of the catchment as a whole", a place where:

1. we are all connected to the water so we are all equally responsible for creating a more natural state;

2. holistic land and water management creates resilience;

3. recreational and cultural opportunities are enhanced;

4. there is a sustainable economic future;

5. water quality is improving;

6. ecological enhancement is sustainable;

7. Ko wai, Mo wai, No wai: waterways connect communities, there is a sense of identity for people and water;

8. there is safety and security of (drinking) water supply.

"Work has begun to describe some the actions we will need to take to achieve this vision. There are questions that we want to ask the whaitua community about how this work will move forward, it's a very exciting phase we are about to enter in our work towards an action plan for the community."

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