Regional council report continues to show great work

  • Published Date 01 Nov 2016

Greater Wellington Regional Council's just-released Annual Report 2015/16 – Great Work, details the range of significant achievements accomplished during the year and the continuing positive impact they have had on the regional community.

The new-look report records the regional council's activity and progress in the key areas of public transport transformation, construction of resilient infrastructure and protection of our natural environment.

"A better and more effective transport system, well-protected floodplains and a vibrant diverse environment, these are our keystone responsibilities, the main priorities of our investment and the main focus of our annual report," said GW's newly re-elected Chair Chris Laidlaw.

But the report also tells other important and sometimes unsung stories of initiatives that you often don't hear about or associate with the Greater Wellington Regional Council but which contribute to the great lifestyle enjoyed in the region.

"Whether monitoring the quality of swimming water, promoting our knowledge economy, encouraging sustainable transport, upgrading the Metlink website or supporting farmers to care for the land the regional council was out and about making a difference."

Cllr Laidlaw added that the Wellington region's future looks bright and is moving at an increasingly fast pace. With that in mind the council will continue to anticipate and monitor change and work collaboratively towards creating a better, more vibrant and sustainable region.

"I'm looking forward to working with the new council to continue our progress on making this region an even more fulfilling place in which to live and work," said Councillor Laidlaw.

"Our focus over the next three years will be on continuing to build on the positive relationships we've developed across the region, bedding-in the environmental benefits of the natural resources plan, completing our transformational work in public transport and sorting out priorities in economic and infrastructure development."

"All of these are crucially dependent on the quality of our relationships with our partners. It's vital that we speak with a single voice on the matters that affect us all."

Copies of the Annual Report 2015/16 - Great Work are available for inspection at libraries and GWRC offices throughout greater Wellington.


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