Recent rain flushes away toxic algae

  • Published Date 24 Feb 2016

Significant rain at the end of last week has flushed toxic algae from the Hutt River.

Warning signs which were in place from Birchville downstream have been removed. The warnings in place at the Pakuratahi River in Kaitoke Regional Park and the Otaki River mouth have also been removed.

However river users are urged to remain vigilant as toxic algae could re-establish quickly with the warm, dry weather forecast for the next couple of weeks.

"We know that toxic algae can get back to problem levels very quickly following a flood in summer time. We encourage people to still know what toxic algae looks like and keep an eye out for it at their favourite swimming or dog walking spots' Regional Council Environmental Scientist Mark Heath says.

If ingested toxic algae can kill livestock and dogs and contact can cause vomiting, diarrhoea and skin irritations in humans.

Monitoring of Wellington waterways and coastal areas is carried out by Greater Wellington Regional Council and local authorities on a weekly basis over the summer months. See results of the monitoring and latest warnings on our website

Further toxic algae information, including a guide of what to look for and what to do if you are worried about possible contact with toxic algae is on our website.



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