New Eastbourne barrier removes burden from cyclists

  • Published Date 30 Oct 2018

New and improved access at the southern end of Eastbourne's Muritai Road will make life much easier for walkers and cyclists heading along the coast to the bays and East Harbour Regional Park.

Vehicle access through Burdan's Gate will remain restricted, but a new bike squeeze barrier and pram portal will relieve visitors of the difficulty of having to lift bikes and prams over the gate to continue their journeys further south.

"The gate was becoming a real burden for some visitors, particularly for the fast-growing band of e-bikers, whose bikes can weigh over 30kgs. For some people, particularly older cyclists, getting past the gate was simply too difficult," says Greater Wellington East Harbour Regional Park Ranger Mark McAlpine.

"It will also make family outings with prams much easier as the barrier has a sizeable portal through which prams can be easily pushed."

As well as promoting access, the new squeeze barrier has been designed to keep unwanted motorbikes and quad bikes out of the restricted road and cattle in. A cattle stop has been included to keep stock from wandering on to the public road.

The barrier was jointly funded by Greater Wellington Regional Council and Hutt City Council, which owns the coastal road out to East Harbour Regional Park.

Janet Lawson Hutt City Council's Reserves Assets Manager, Parks & Gardens says, “Hutt City Council is pleased to support the new entrance at Burdan's Gate ensuring better access to the area for visitors including local bikers and walkers.

"The East Harbour Regional Park is known for its natural beauty and attracts many visitors each year. We hope that by providing better access it will be easier for people to experience this stunning coastline."



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