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  • Published Date 23 Dec 2016

The holiday season is well underway for most people but it will be a busy time for Greater Wellington Regional Council's newest team member, Margot Balfour, as she shares the "Check Clean Dry" message to water users across the region. Balfour will target boaties, fisherman, trampers, mountain bikers and off-road vehicle drivers at recreational spots and events

"If you're out on the water this summer help stop the spread of freshwater pests with a simple check, clean and dry of your gear. These pests are easily spread and once in our rivers are hard to get rid of," says, Margot Balfour, GWRC’s Check, Clean, Dry Advocate.

"There is no didymo or "rock snot" in our region...yet. Help us keep it that way. We do have other pest plants species that water-users may not know about - two nasties we are currently focussing on eradicating are eelgrass and hornwort."

Freshwater pest plants can grow into large mats or clumps blocking our waterways and making recreation difficult - and even hazardous - to people and animals. These pests can make our rivers look unpleasant. They also affect freshwater plant and animal habitats.

Aquatic, or water-borne, pests can be spread by a single drop of water or plant fragment. Microscopic organisms can stay on gear and be transferred between waterways.

Learn more about eelgrass and hornwort and watch a video about how to clean your gear and equipment at:

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