Greater Wellington's Annual Report highlights investments in our future

  • Published Date 31 Oct 2018

Progress on large-scale, big ticket projects of real benefit for the region marked Greater Wellington's performance last year, according to its 2017/18 Annual Report, which was adopted by the regional council today.

"More than $65 million was invested in future proofing critically important infrastructure and the region is safer and more resilient as a result," says Greater Wellington chair Cllr Chris Laidlaw.

"We've made a commitment to working closely with affected communities to develop enduring solutions including in areas such as flood protection and in water quality management through the innovative whaitua committee process in Wairarapa, Porirua and (in the year ahead) Wellington and the Hutt Valley. I believe our report demonstrates a strong performance by the council, which should instil confidence among our many communities for the future of our region." 

The report also focuses on the lesser-known work Greater Wellington does every day, including the key role of the Akura Nursery in Masterton, which provides farmers with native plants and the willows for use in flood protection and river quality management.

It also covers Greater Wellington's biosecurity and pest management activities across the region, both of which are essential to a flourishing biodiversity.

"Of course, during the last 12 months Council and staff were focused on launching the new bus network, a programme of immense scale and complexity," says Cr Laidlaw.

"It's been an ambitious endeavour designed to create a network that will remove congestion, improve customer service, serve new markets and remain relevant and sustainable for many years.

"We acknowledge that some aspects of the rollout have been confusing and disruptive for the public, but change was necessary. 

"Throughout, however, we've worked closely with communities to understand and resolve their concerns, adding additional capacity and fine tuning services where necessary. We are confident that their issues will be addressed."

The roll out the bus network in Wellington City took place in July, outside the 2017/18 financial year reporting period and is therefore not reflected in the Annual Report for this year.

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