Free train Sunday on 30 October to thank regional ratepayers

  • Published Date 19 Oct 2016

Trips on all Metlink trains across the region will be free for everyone all day from 5am on Sunday 30 October.

"We'd like to thank everyone for their ongoing support for the rail network, particularly ratepayers, whose ongoing funding makes our region's commuter train service a great asset to our region," says Wayne Hastie Greater Wellington Regional Council General Manager Public Transport.

The 'Ride for Free' Sunday also marks the end of the project to modernise the train fleet, which  finished this month with the last of the 83 Matangi 2-car units entering service.

"People's ongoing support for the train network allows us to provide a comfortable and reliable service that more people are using each year," says Dr Hastie. 

"If you haven't caught the train the past few years, you'll be surprised how comfortable and quiet they are. So come and try them out. They are a stress-free alternative to dealing with traffic."

"Getting information about the train service is easy by visiting the Metlink website ( or your local station."

Dr Hastie says more the ongoing investment in the train network makes taking the train a more attractive option and helps free up congestion on the region's roads which is good for the environment and the economy.

"We're following a simple formula: when there is a comfortable, reliable and punctual service, more people use public transport."

Dr Hastie says customers will see more improvements coming down the line with the new performance based contract with new train operator Transdev.

"We designed the contract to give the best service for our customers, with some tough performance standards around punctuality.

"Transdev are doing a great job of meeting those standards. Very few services are running outside their time and we are receiving a lot positive feedback from customers.

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