Draft 10 Year Plan includes fare freeze for 2015/16

  • Published Date 25 Feb 2015

Draft 10 Year Plan includes fare freeze for 2015/16

Greater Wellington Regional Council today voted to continue its public transport fare freeze for another year, including it into its Draft 10 Year Plan.

The Council adopted the Draft 10 Year Plan 2015-25 consultation document at today's council meeting, with the council giving a strong indication that increasing public transport usage and improving infrastructure would be its key focus over the next decade.

Six main projects have been identified as needing to be carried out over the coming decade, namely:

  • investing in public transport infrastructure to improve service levels
  • implementing major initiatives to increase the number of public transport users
  • increasing programmes aimed at getting more people walking, cycling, carpooling and using public transport
  • taking a strong leadership role in ensuring improved water quality across the region
  • Investing in flood protection infrastructure to protect the community from flood risk
  • increasing the region's ability withstand an emergency through a number of new linked projects to provide emergency water following a major event

 "Many of these projects are designed to encourage people to leave their cars at home and to look to public transport as a regular commuting option. To assist in the drive to get more people on trains, buses and harbour ferries we are proposing to once again freeze public transport fares this year to make it more affordable for passengers," says Chair Fran Wilde.

The fare freeze for 2015/16 is due in part to the success of the new Matangi train fleet and savings realised through an increase of people using the trains.  

"Our focus on improving train networks has worked and has provided a major boost to train patronage numbers. This, and other factors, have allowed us to once again keep public transport fares at the same rate for the second year running. Over the next 10 years we will be focusing heavily on the bus system and over the coming years hope to provide the same to provide the same benefit to bus users."

Ms Wilde says the focus on improving key infrastructure over the next 10 years would ensure the Wellington region could continue to grow into a more user-friendly, resilient and sustainable region.

"We recognise that for the region to continue to go from strength to strength some real leadership needs to be taken in terms of improving key infrastructure such as public transport, water supply and emergency management. The Draft 10 Year Plan details how we can do this and the funding it will take to ensure that we are able to meet the needs of the future."

To pay for these initiatives, and others highlighted in the Draft 10 Year Plan, the council is proposing an average rates increase of about $38 - or 9.8% - for the average residential home in the 2015/16 financial year. That equates to 73 cents a week for the average home.  GWRC has maintained the cost of its "business as usual" - or existing services - at a 1.1% rates increase.

Submissions for the Draft 10 Year Plan will be open from 16 March to 20 April. There will be a series of open days to discuss the Draft 10-year Plan at community focal points around the region.  For more information visit the webpage

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