Customer feedback drives launch of new service

  • Published Date 28 Sep 2018

Wellington's new bus network - following customer feedback - will receive a boost on Monday (October 1) with the new 18e route between Miramar and Karori.

It will run without transfers and be available as an all-day service rather than just running at peak hours.

Greater Wellington Regional Council chief executive Greg Campbell says the council is acting on customer feedback with the new design in place and making tangible improvements every day.

"The 18e route is of particular value as it runs via both universities. By moving its introduction forward and extending it into off-peak times it will be it more convenient for students wanting to attend lectures at different times of the day outside of the peaks.

"We're looking forward to hearing again from the people as they use the new and improved 18e service,” Campbell said. “This change is directly in response to customer feedback."

Yesterday council leaders and management briefed Parliament's Transport and Infrastructure select committee on progress with the new network.

"As we said yesterday it's been a rocky and disappointing start and we apologise for this. With the design in place, we're making progress with the new network every day; we are getting more capacity into the system, better punctuality, familiarity with routes, and accuracy with real-time information.

"We know we'll never please everyone as by the very nature of public transport we can't offer a door-to-door service for all passengers. My goal is achieve within eight weeks, with all operators, all agreed punctuality KPI’s and correct bus size matching, providing the correct capacity for each trip.

"Quite simply, the bus arrives when expected and there is space to take you on board."


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