Calling all passionate people

  • Published Date 15 Jul 2016

People with a passion for the future of Wellington region are being encouraged to put their energy and ideas to work at the Greater Wellington Regional Council.

With nominations for local body elections opening today, Greater Wellington has released "Making Greater Wellington greater", a snapshot of our work across the Wellington region, along with a frank discussion of the issues the region is facing, for voters and candidates.

"The next three years will be crucial for Wellington region, with decisions to be made that will affect generations to come", said CE Greg Campbell. "I encourage all voters to study the report - and to consider whether they, or someone they know, would stand up to be nominated".

"Wellington region is a fantastic place to live and do business", Greg Campbell said. "Greater Wellington's work is about ensuring we're also a strong and resilient region that will continue to thrive and get even better".

"To achieve this, we need the infrastructure that can withstand the extreme effects of climate change. We need a world-class regional public transport system. We need to keep improving the quality of our waterways and making sure we have continuity of bulk water supplies; and we need to maintain and enhance the natural beauty of our Regional Parks and other environmental assets".

"Making Greater Wellington greater" and other information for potential candidates and voters is available now. Election day is 8 October 2016.


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