Belmont Park's Korokoro track closed between Cornish St and Korokoro forks due to slip

  • Published Date 15 Jul 2016

The Korokoro track has been closed between Cornish St and Korokoro Forks because of a slip that has undermined the track and made it unsafe for public use.

The slip occurred underneath the track causing rock to fall away into the Korokoro stream, leaving the walking surface suspended and partially unsupported. "We're assessing the situation and we'll work quickly to replace and reopen the damaged section of the track", says Greater Wellington Principal Ranger (Western) Wayne Boness.

"We strongly urge the public to obey the no entry and warning signs we've posted at the Cornish St entrance to the park, at Korokoro Forks and near the site. They should avoid this section of the track and know that sightseeing or short cuts will put them in harm's way.

"This is now a very hazardous area and a fall from the damaged track will cause serious injury."

Repairs to the track are likely to be extensive, with the retaining wall that holds the track in place to be replaced by a bridge with more secure footings and a stable surface. "It's a longer term solution that will overcome damage from future slips," says Wayne.

The process from now on, which is likely to take up to six weeks, will involve removing loose rock to reveal the extent of the work to be done, stabilising the bank, designing the new section of track and bridge, gaining building consent from Hutt City Council and construction.

The Korokoro track is the most popular track in Belmont Regional Park. The upper track is open from the Oakleigh St entrance through to Korokoro Dam, Baked Beans Bend and up to the trig. The lower track from Cornish St through to Korokoro Forks is closed.



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